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GeM registration fee

What is the Government's e-Marketplace Registration Fee?

Do you need to register on the government's e-Marketplace or want to know how much is the registration fee? If you’re running a small business and want to sell products or services to other government agencies, you likely need to register – it's just a matter of determining what this will cost you.

Charges for the Government e-Marketplace Registration

The Federal Government offers a platform called Government eMarketplace to allow businesses to sell their products and services to other federal agencies.

Caution Money Deposit Fees
Seller Turnover less than 1 Crore Rs 5,000/-
Seller Turnover (1-10 Crores) Rs 10,000/-
Seller Turnover more than 10 Crores Rs 25,000/-
Vendor Assessment Fees Rs. 11,200 + GST

What are the Benefits of Having Government eMarketplace Registration?

The benefits of having a (Government eMarketplace) GeM Registration and GST number are tremendous, let’s have a look:

Global Access

Through it you can gain access to hundreds of millions of products and services from other companies. By having an account with a GST registration you will have your business profile page where potential suppliers can view information about your company and if they wish they may contact you directly. This means that you no longer need to spend time searching for new suppliers or waiting for them to contact you.

As soon as a supplier registers their details in GeM, they will be able to see all businesses that are registered in India, including yours, so there is no need for them to search through our database looking for businesses that might match their needs. They simply click on your business name and then send you an email requesting any information that they require, or make contact by phone or fax.

Market Access to the Federal Public Procurement System

Participating in centralized bidding for public sector purchases allows businesses to compete with each other for contracts that would typically be negotiated and awarded through a lengthy tendering process. Once you’ve been approved, you can enter into central purchasing agreements that are binding and enforceable. Participation on the GeM platform also means being able to access additional RFPs, and requests for proposals, once they’re posted.

Seller Dashboard Gives Real-time Business Analytics

With your seller dashboard, you can get a handle on your business performance. You can see how many products you’ve sold and your average profit per item. This helps you compare items to find what sells best, allowing you to make informed decisions about which items to stock in-store. For example, if customers seem to like red lipstick more than any other color, it makes sense for you to keep a large stock of red lipstick.

GeM Seller Registration Process

Registering on GeM takes around 15-20 minutes.

1. Sign up for a GeM seller account

The first step in selling goods on a Government eMarketplace is signing up for an account. This will allow you to list your products and begin accepting orders

2. Create a new organization profile

Each marketplace requires that you create a new profile to begin listing products or services. Creating an account will include providing your business details and payment information.

3. Vendor Assessment on GeM

Get your business set up for success in the Indian government’s eMarketplaces. The first step to doing so is to assess your vendor readiness level. This will help give you a clear picture of where you stand and what it would take to bring you up to speed with other vendors already participating in e-marketplaces across India.

4. Brand Listing

Your business will be registered and listed as a small business or sole proprietorship. You can upload products and create item listings. Trademark your brand name before it becomes a generic term and register your brand with the government e-marketplace. Registering your brand with the government eMarketplace will help you get noticed by customers and buyers.

5. Product Listing

It's important to list your products online. There are many benefits to doing so, one being more exposure to a larger audience. If you’re not sure how to get started and which channel is best for you, our Seller Support team can help!

6. Participating in the bid process and appointing resellers

The bidding process will be open for all registered bidders to bid against each other. The seller will be able to select a winning bidder based on a set of predefined criteria such as price, quality, etc.


The Government's eMarketplace is an online portal for government procurement, which provides a centralized platform for government buyers and sellers to do business. Registration in the government e-marketplace is important because it will allow an entity to be eligible for all of the services offered by government agencies. To enjoy the benefits of the services, register today by paying the GeM registration fee.

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